All registered voters in precincts 40 and 81, as well as those in precinct 19 who are eligible to vote in Corpus Christi elections are automatically members of the IUPAC.  To receive emails from the PAC or to contact us, click on the links below.





The purpose of the IUPAC is to maximize the representation of Padre Island in area government by endorsing and promoting unified voting in both non-partisan races and other issues put to public vote.






Linda Walsh                        President

Phyllis Freeman                Vice President
John Vaughn                                    

KarenWall                           Secretary                                  

Bob Paulison                       Treasurer
Rhonda Beadle
Victoria Munt Rogers
Brent Rourk
David Devlin
Millie Fraley
Joyce Skowronski


 In order to receive emails from the PAC, click here


The PAC email address is:








When:  The first Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm


Where:  Boat House, lower level restaurant


Contact: Linda Walsh at lawalshva@yahoo.com




Upcoming Events


Due to the larger than anticipated candidates running for Mayor, District 4 and At Large seats, we are changing the Candidates Night to two, they will be at the Holiday Inn Ball Room on  Thursday, September 18, for district 4 and Mayor, and Thursday September 25 for the At-Large Candidates.  The times will be 6 to 8:30 both nights.





Nueces County residents can get the voter registration form at the following website:




You can also register online at the following website:




Paid for by the Island United PAC; Bob Paulison, Treasurer 






The Island United PAC is encouraging its members to make a small donation.  By supporting the PAC with a donation of $5, $25 or more, you will be supporting an organization whose sole purpose is to maximize the representation of the Island in local government.  Keep in mind that as a registered voter living on the Island, you are automatically a Member of the PAC.

Your donations will be used for
   - full page advertisements in the Moon
   - advertisements in the Caller Times
   - bumper stickers
   - signs
   - other methods to promote the candidates
      the Membership of the PAC has endorsed.

 All donations can be sent for the time to: Island United PAC, Linda Walsh, President, 15214 Cruiser St. Unit B, Corpus Christi, TX 78418


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